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The real estate agent is a kind of brokerage job. A real estate agent should develop an agreement for a real estate sale between a potential buyer and a potential seller. This can be a job with a high-income potential. But the real estate agent should work hard to achieve it. Many real estate agents work as consultants. It may not be their full-time job. This can be done during the free time of another full-time job. But this juggling of jobs requires a high energy quotient and competence in time management. Since this is not a full-time job, there is no fixed salary. The real estate agent gets a fixed percentage of the total amount of land sale by the buyer and seller.

There is absolutely no limit to the salary of a real estate agent when working as an independent consultant. As we say in advertisements, the sky is the limit of the salary of land brokers. The more you work hard and the more you have sales people, the more money you will earn. But to earn a good monthly income, independent real estate agents must be very hardworking and have good interpersonal communication skills. In general, real estate agents should be familiar with the value of a property. They should be able to make a quick assessment of the property and be able to explain the aspects that influence the price of the property and convince both parties of a reasonable price.

There are many companies and real estate agencies that employ real estate agents. In these companies, the agents have a fixed monthly salary. The salary varies from one agency to another. Generally, this depends on the volume of activities performed by the agency. Some agencies provide compensation based on the number of real estate sales made by a particular employee. In general, the annual salary of a real estate agent working in one of the established businesses ranges from $ 25,000 to $ 75,000. There is a minority of real estate agents who also earn less than $ 25,000. Some agents working at start-ups earn an annual salary of only $ 10,000. Such a large wage change can be explained by the fact that some real estate agencies have a larger turnover than some small real estate companies.

Furthermore, the salary of the commission and the salary on sale affect the annual salary. There are some months, especially in winter, of November, December and January, during which the traditional real estate activities are a little less numerous. For example, in the case of a salary structure based on sales, wages decrease during these months. But sales are increasing from March to September. So will the salary in these months.

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